As you have noticed I have been really bad in updating the journal the last week. I now feel I have a lot of new inspiration and some news to keep you updated with.

Well, I did take a picture of this bathroom set-up during the easter and I do like to inform you of these products which has been following me and my skin the last years.

The first thing is the cleanser and moisturizer from the Scottish skincare brand Filmore. The cleanser does not drought my skin, a problem I have encountered with similar products and brand.

Besides the stylish design so they use the many ingredients of exotic elements, such as pomegranate seeds, coconut and sunflower oils.

The Sachajuan hair products have followed me since me and Lisa worked at the store together, like 10 years ago. All the products always have a fresh and nice smell and the products won’t weigh down the hair.

And well, Aesop does not need a closer description, true luxury for you and your skin. Just love it. And for you Swedes who have a problem pronouncing Aesop, I got told it should be pronounced ”ee-sop”.


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